Quick Answer: Who Were Kodavus?

What is thought of the Greek origin of the Coorgis?


Explanation: The descent of the people of Coorg is of Greek or Arabic.

As the story goes a part of Alexander’s army settled here ..

What is coorg famous for?

Coorg, also known as Kodagu, is a beautiful hill station in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is famous for its coffee plantations, steep hills, countless streams, rich flora & fauna, lush forests and breathtaking views.

Is Coorgis a Hindu?

Kodavas are a unique race of people who live in Kodagu (Coorg, as the British called it), the smallest district in Karnataka. … Judged from this yardstick too, Kodavas are not Hindus because there is hardly any role for Brahmins in the various Kodava ceremonies related to birth, marriage and death.

Who lives in Coorg?

There are three major community in Coorg. They are Kodava Mophlas or Kodava Mappilas, Kodagu Gowdas and The Bearys. The Kodava Mappilas earlier called as Indian Muslim Community is the major community in Coorg. Kodagu Gowdas another major ethnic group in the Coorg are found mainly in Virajpet and Somwarpet taluks.

What is special about Kodavus?

Even now, Kodavus are the only people in India permitted to carry firearms IA without a licence. The river Kaveri obtains its water from the hills and forests of Coorg.

Are kodavas Dravidians?

Firstly, it is the name of the Kodava language and culture followed by a number of communities from Kodagu. … The Kodavas (Kodava, anglicised as Coorgs), are considered a patrilineal ethno-lingual tribe from the region of Kodagu, (in Karnataka state of Southern India), who natively speak the Kodava language.

Who are descendants of Coorg?

The people of Coorg are fiercely independent because they are Greek or Arabic descent. They have a unique tradition and you can find some differences in their hospitality. They usually recounting some tales of valour related to their fathers and sons, and Kodavus people can carry arms without license in India.

Why Kodagu is called Coorg?

In 1834, the East India Company annexed Kodagu into British India, after deposing Chikka Virarajendra of the Kodagu kingdom, as ‘Coorg’. The people accepted British rule peacefully.

How did kodavas originate?

According to one theory, Kodavas are the descendants of a certain race called the broad headed stock that who entered into the Indus Valley during the Mohenjodaro period and later migrated down to Coorg.