Quick Answer: Is Axis Bank Neo Credit Card Good?

Can we withdraw money from Axis neo credit card?

You can withdraw cash using your Axis Bank Credit Card at the time of emergency.

There is a particular amount of cash which can be withdrawn at any given point of time and the amount of withdrawable cash is within the credit limit.

Axis Bank credit cardholders can go to any ATM and withdraw cash using the credit card..

Which credit card has most offers?

This fuel credit card helps you save money on fuel and, at the same time, earn rewards on all your purchases.Benefits of Indian Oil Citi Platinum Card.Benefits of Yatra SBI Credit Card:Benefits of HSBC Visa Platinum Card.Benefits of Citi Cashback Card.Benefits of HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Card.More items…

Is Axis Bank credit card lifetime free?

The primary thing that you will require to avail this credit card is to have an FD (Fixed Deposit) of Rs. 20,000. Once this is done, you will earn 6 reward points for every Rs….Fees and Charges of Lifetime Free Axis Bank Insta Easy Credit Card.Type of FeeChargesFee for duplicate statementWaived15 more rows

Which credit card is better Axis Bank neo or Axis Bank my zone?

Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card charges a higher annual fee (Rs. 500) than Axis Bank Neo Credit Card (Rs. 250). It also offers some extra benefits in the form of lounge access, movies cashback and rewards.

What is the benefit of Axis Bank neo credit card?

The benefits of Neo Credit Card include gift vouchers from Amazon, BookMyShow and Myntra. You can avail a minimum 15% discount at our partner restaurants across India. The Neo Credit Card’s state-of-the-art technology and customer friendly services ensure protection against fraud.

What is the limit of Axis Bank neo credit card?

250. The joining fee functions as the first-year fee and is waived if you spend a minimum of Rs. 2,500 within 45 days of card approval….Fees And Charges On The Axis Bank Neo Credit Card.Type of ChargeAmountPenalty on over-limit3% of the over-limit amount (Minimum of Rs.500)14 more rows

What is the minimum salary required for Axis Bank Credit Card?

Rs. 25,000Axis Bank Credit Card EligibilityMinimum Age18 yearsMinimum Income RequiredRs. 25,000* p.m.Credit ScoreRequiredOccupationSalaried / Self-Employed1 more row•Aug 27, 2020

Can I transfer money from credit card to bank?

The short answer is no, it’s not a good idea to transfer money from a credit card to your bank account. It’s always a better option to use income or savings when possible to avoid going into debt. … The interest rate on a cash advance is typically higher than the purchase APR on a credit card.

Can we remove money from credit card?

Many credit card companies allow you to withdraw money from your card through a cash advance. Depending on the card, you may be able to withdraw cash by depositing it in a bank account, using your card at an ATM, or writing a convenience check.

How much can you withdraw from credit card?

Most credit card lenders offer 20% to 40% of the total credit limit as cash limit. This means if you have a credit limit of ₹ 1 Lakh on your credit card, you can withdraw cash up to ₹ 20,000 to ₹ 40,000 using the card. The rest has to be spent as regular card transactions.

Which credit card is best in Axis Bank?

Best Axis Bank Credit Cards in India 2021Axis Bank Credit CardKey FeatureAnnual FeeAxis Bank Vistara Signature Credit CardComplimentary Club Vistara MembershipRs.3,000Axis Magnus Credit Card*Unlimited visits to select airport loungesRs.10,000IndianOil Axis Credit Card4% Value back on Fuel spends at IOCL pumpsRs.5006 more rows

What is minimum salary for credit card?

The minimum salary is Rs. 12,000 per month for a salaried person, while its Rs. 2 lakh per annum for self-employed individuals. Applicant should have a regular source of income and a good credit score.