Quick Answer: How Do I Turn On My Shield?

Does the Nvidia Shield come with a HDMI cable?

It hurts me just a little bit inside that Nvidia didn’t include an HDMI cable in the box with the Shield, but it is what it is.

Luckily, 4K-ready HDMI cables aren’t hard to find, nor are they expensive.

To get 4K support, an HDMI cable simply needs to follow the HDMI 2.0 standard..

What does shield TV do?

NVIDIA SHIELD TV offers abilities such as being able to act as a hub for your smart home, streaming PC games from your gaming PC to your TV and also act as a media centre for local and online media playback and streaming. … Android games compatible with Android TV are compatible with the SHIELD TV and SHIELD Controller.

How do I turn on my shield remote?

With an existing controller or remote, or with your new controller plugged into your SHIELD TM TV, open the “SHIELD accessories” app on the SHIELD TV home screen and select “Pair an accessory”. Press and hold the Select button on your remote until the remote light flashes. The remote should connect after a few moments.

How do you turn the TV shield off?

Sleep or Restart: Hold “Back” button (must be on home screen) and then press “Select” or “A” button to “Sleep now or Restart”. Power off (SHIELD TV 2015 and SHIELD TV Pro Only) : Hold “Back” button (must be on home screen) and then press “Select” or “A” button to “Power off”.

How do I use my Nvidia Shield remote?

Press the volume up or volume down buttons. SHIELD Remote comes automatically paired with your SHIELD TV out of the box. Simply press the Select button to turn it on. To connect a new remote to SHIELD, follow the instructions at http://www.nvidia.com/connect.

Does Nvidia Shield support Bluetooth?

When you buy a Shield Android TV you’re not just stuck with what’s included in the box — dual USB 3.0 ports on the back and Bluetooth inside let you expand it in many ways. … That also extends to Bluetooth, where you can pair a set of headphones or your own game controller even if it isn’t from NVIDIA.

How do you use TV Shield?

Connect Your NVIDIA SHIELD TVConnect your NVIDIA SHIELD TV to your TV with a certified HDMI 2.0 cable. … Connect your NVIDIA SHIELD TV to power, using the power cord. … OPTIONAL: Connect your NVIDIA SHIELD TV to Ethernet. … Turn on your TV and change to the correct HDMI input.

How do I reset my shield remote?

1 Reset a Nvidia SHIELD remote control by holding the back button and the home button together at the same time for around 15 seconds. These are the two buttons highlighted in green as shown in the photo above. This will hard reset the remote control.

Where is the power button on Nvidia Shield?

There is no power button on your SHIELD TV. SHIELD TV will turn on as soon as it is connected to a power supply using the included power cord. Use the power button on the remote to put SHIELD to sleep.