Question: How Do I Keep My Restaurant Employees Happy?

What are the skills of a restaurant manager?

Key skills for restaurant managersExcellent customer service skills.Commercial awareness.Flexibility.Good interpersonal skills.Communication skills.Problem-solving skills.Organisational skills.Teamwork skills..

What makes a good restaurant manager?

KA: “A lot of the things that are also the qualities of a good restaurant manager from question one – positive attitude, has a passion for what they do, humility, teamwork, patience, calm under pressure, initiative, can delegate, leads by example, great communication, time management, being proactive.”

Is working at a restaurant hard?

Well, it’s hard, it’s demanding, there are so many moving parts, and there are way more challenges in this industry than in any other I’ve come across. Though the restaurant industry is the perfect place for those passionate about food and hospitality, it can take its toll on your well-being.

What are some employee incentives?

The top three incentives are cash, gifts and experiences. Some examples of gifts are electronics, ride-share credit and gift cards. Experiences include perks like tickets to concerts, festivals and sporting events. Your rewards must excite employees.

How do restaurants incentivize employees?

An employee incentive program motivates staff to work towards either personal or company goals by being rewarded with some type of prize….The Best Restaurant Employee Incentive Program PrizesGift cards. … Free food or meals. … Trade gift cards with a local restaurant. … Guaranteed holiday off. … In-house shift coupons.

How do you manage staff in a restaurant?

Improve your managerial skills with these helpful restaurant management tips:Be consistent. … Manage proactively. … Learn the operation by doing the work yourself. … Prioritize staff retention. … Keep your eye on customer satisfaction. … Improve the customer experience. … Take word-of-mouth seriously. … Invest in advertising.More items…•

How do you motivate a lazy employee?

10 Ways to Motivate Your Lazy Employees!Communication is the key. … Set Objectives. … Incentivise staff. … Offer progression. … Address any training issues. … Give them more responsibility. … Determine their interests. … Assess your entire team.More items…

How do you deal with rude restaurant staff?

The best way to handle rudeness is to bite your tongue and respond in a calm, cool manner. Ask the waiter politely to repeat what they said. If the waiter’s rudeness came out of something they said, they may have said something on impulse or made a mistake. It’s less likely they will be rude a second time.

How do you reward employees without money?

51 Ways to Reward Employees Without MoneyLet the employee dump the one project they like least to you.Use of the president’s office for a day.The front parking spot.A handwritten thank you note.Name the conference room or lounge after them.Inviting their spouse in for a lunch on the company.A reserved parking spot.More items…•

How do you motivate staff in a restaurant?

Try out a few of the suggestions outlined here for motivating your restaurant employees, and prepare yourself for a team that’s ready to get to work.Daily/Weekly Competitions.Ongoing Training.Celebrate Your Team.Bonus/Raise for Employee Work Anniversaries.Pre-tasting New Menu Items.Close for Major Employee Life Events.More items…•

How do restaurants increase morale?

Climate Control: Improving Restaurant Team MoraleFive Ways to Boost Restaurant Team Morale.Praise. Show your team members you value them. … Training. Teach your staff something new every day. … Empowerment. Trust your employees to do their jobs. … Consistency. Treat everyone equally. … Communication.