Question: How Can I Increase My Payback Points?

Can we transfer payback points from one account to another?

If you wish to transfer your payback points from one account to another, yo can only do so when both the accounts are yours.

However, if both the accounts do not belong to you, you cannot transfer your payback points..

What means payback?

act of retaliationPayback is a way to get even with someone — it’s revenge. An act of retaliation, or hurting someone who’s hurt you, is one meaning of payback. …

How do I redeem my central payback points?

Visit Central Store.Select products to purchase.Quote your Mobile No./Card No. to cashier before billing.Redeem PAYBACK Points & complete transaction.

How do I increase my reward points?

To ensure that you make the best of the reward plan, here are a few tips to make a note of:Choose a credit card that suits your lifestyle. … Sign up at the right time. … Redeem reward points regularly. … Use an online portal that offers cashback. … Utilise bonus opportunities. … Focus more on food and grocery.More items…•

How can I check my payback points?

You can also find your PAYBACK point balance by sending an SMS ‘DCPBAL last 4 digits of your ICICI Bank Savings/Current Account Number’ to 9212146468, from your mobile number registered with PAYBACK.

Where payback points can be used?

Members can use their earned loyalty points as PAYBACK reward points to be redeemed as e-vouchers or gift cards like amazon online voucher or amazon gift card, bookmyshow e-voucher, or for fast food like Pizza Hut or KFC e-vouchers et al or as donation of loyalty points to charity.

Can I merge two payback accounts?

Yes, your multiple PAYBACK Accounts can be merged subject to certain conditions.

How can I transfer my Icici reward points to payback?

1) All you need to do is identify the product and then you can either redeem your ICICI Bank Reward Points, powered by PAYBACK by registering on the PAYBACK website, by calling the PAYBACK Contact Center (1860-258-5000) or by contacting the ICICI bank Customer Care.

How can I redeem my payback points in cash?

You can redeem your points via the following methods:Call the PAYBACK customer care line and place your order. … Visit the PAYBACK website : and place a request for redemption online. … Visit any PAYBACK Partner store to redeem your points against your purchase.Redeem your points at online partner stores.

Can one merge PAYBACK accounts in case of multiple PAYBACK accounts? Yes, you can call PAYBACK Contact Centre at 1860-258-5000 to avail this option.

How can I convert Payback points?

Tap on the account menu on the top right corner and select My Wallet >> Redeem Points. Tap on PAYBACK and enter the points you want to redeem. Provide the 4 digit PIN of your Payback card and tap on Redeem Points.

What is the validity of payback points?

three years7.5 PAYBACK Points are valid for a period of three years from the date of transaction within the PAYBACK Network. PAYBACK Points shall expire after a time determined by PAYBACK and the PAYBACK Member shall not be entitled to redeem any of such lapsed PAYBACK Points.