Question: How Can I Change My PAN Card Details Online?

Can PAN card number be changed?

No, you cannot change your PAN Card Number as holding of more than one PAN Card Number by individuals is illegal.

But you can change all other information on your PAN Card including your name, photo etc.


How can I change my address in PAN card online?

Steps to update address in Permanent Account Number (PAN) online, as mentioned on e-Gov has also provided an online facility to request for any change address in PAN card. … Select ‘Changes or correction in existing PAN data’ option from the ‘application type’ dropdown.More items…•

Can we change photo in PAN card online?

Changing Your Photo on Your PAN Card Online To change the photo on your PAN card, follow these steps: Visit NSDL Official Site. Select Application Type as ‘Request for New PAN Card Or/And Changes Or Correction in PAN Data’ . … Enter your details like Surname, Mobile Number, PAN Number Email Address and Date of birth.

Can I have 2 PAN numbers?

PAN is supposed to be a unique number and no two individuals or entities can hold the same PAN number. Further, the income tax rules also do not allow the same individual to hold two or more different numbers. A person cannot hold more than one PAN.

What are the valid documents for address proof?

Proof of AddressValid Driver’s License.Property Tax Receipt.Posted Mail with name of applicant.Utility Bill.Lease Agreement.Insurance Card.Voter Registration Card.College Enrollment Papers.

How can I know my PAN card address?

Visit to Enter your account and click on “My Account”. Go to Profile Settings and click on PAN Details. Your address and other details will be displayed.

How can I correct my PAN card details online?

To change the name in PAN Card, you need to go to . You need to select ‘Apply Online’. After that go to ‘Application Type’, and select ‘changes or correction in existing PAN Data/ Reprint of PAN Card (No changes in existing PAN data).

How can I change my PAN card details?

You can easily update/correct your details in a PAN card by following the below-mentioned steps:Step 1: Visit, the official website of NSDL E-Governance.Step 2: Under Services Section, Click on “PAN”.Step 3: Click “Apply” under the “Change/Correction in PAN Data” section.More items…•

Can I change Dob in PAN card?

A pan application form must be filled and submitted along with a processing fee and documents for verification. Apart from availing a new PAN card, the same online facility lets PAN holders to apply for any additions or corrections like change in birth date in their existing PAN cards.

How can I correct my PAN card mistakes?

How can I correct my PAN card mistakes online? If you want to correct or change your name in the PAN card online, then first you have to visit the official website of NSDL. Then, click on ‘Application Type’ option and select the ‘Changes or Correction in Existing PAN card’ option from the drop-down menu.

How can I change my PAN card mobile number?

After login, click on Profile Settings – My Profile. Now select Contact Details and click on the Edit button. And finally, enter your new mobile number and email ID and submit. You will receive an OTP on your new mobile number and email ID, enter OTP and confirm.

How can I know my mobile number linked with PAN card?

Know your PAN number by Name and Date of BirthStep 2: Click on “Know Your PAN” under section “Quick Links” displayed on the left side of the screen.Step 3: After that enter all the details including name, date of birth and mobile number.Step 4: You will receive OTP on your registered mobile number linked with PAN.More items…

How long does it take to correct PAN card?

The processing time for PAN card correction Once the changes suggested by the applicants are updated in the PAN details, the PAN holders will receive their updated PAN cards with the latest information within 15 to 20 business days.

Can PAN card be used as address proof?

For proof of Address Income Tax PAN card Income Tax Assessment Order Photo Credit Card Credit card statement (not older than last three months) Smart card issued by CSD, Defense/Paramilitary Telephone Bill of fixed line (not older than last three months).

What is the fees for correction in PAN card?

The fee for Request for New PAN Card or/and Changes or Corrections in PAN Data is 96.00 ( 85.00 application charge + 12.36% Service Tax). Demand draft / cheque shall be in favour of ‘NSDL – PAN’. Name of the applicant and the acknowledgment number should be mentioned on the reverse of the demand draft / cheque.