How Do You Buy Kenet Bundles?

How do I use my free education bundles?

Dial *544*60#.

Select “purchase special education bundle”.

You shall then be prompted to pay for the pass from your airtime or through M-Pesa.

A message confirming successful purchase will be sent to you, including a link to the Educational Data Pass..

How much are NetOne bundles?

Data BundlesItemNew Price ZWL$Old Price ZWL$Monthly 450 MB300.00110.00Monthly 1.5 GB800.00300.00Monthly 3.5 GB1 400.00–Monthly 5 GB2 000.00700.0016 more rows•Aug 7, 2020

How can I get free MB from Safaricom?

How does it work?Customers are assigned a daily bundle offer when they dial on *544#and select option zero.The Free 500 Mbs is awarded immediately a customer buys their daily offer.Customers can pay using their Airtime or by M-PESA.More items…

Can I buy NetOne airtime using EcoCash?

You have money in EcoCash and you want to buy NetOne airtime? The airtime is sent directly to the phone you are recharging. Remember it doesn’t matter even when your EcoCash SIM is in a feature phone (kambudzi).

How do you get Kenet bundles?

Safaricom through KENET can purchase the bundles. provided by participating educational institutions in collaboration with KENET. Accessing internet resources outside those included in the restricted whitelisted resources will be charged to other data bundles or airtime.

How do I get education bundles?

Option 1Go to your phone’s keypad and dial in *544#,Scroll down to option 7, which is ‘Education Bundle’ and choose it.The new window will come with three options. Choose 1,2, or 3, for Viusasa, Longhorn E-learning or Shupavu Web respectively.

How do I buy netone elearning bundles?

In order for you to buy the bundles, you have to be a member of a participating school. For a school to qualify it has to have at least 50 students represented by at least 50 different numbers. Schools can then submit the numbers of their students who want bundles and pay in advance and collect money from students.

What is Kenet?

KENET is the National Research and Education Network (NREN) of Kenya. It is therefore recognized by Internet Governance bodies as an NREN and peers directly or indirectly with all other similar NRENs Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

How do you use Kenet?

To be able to create meeting rooms (or classrooms), one needs to register with KENET. The link for registration is . Once you submit all the registration data, the identity of the users shall be verified by KENET in collaboration with the respective ICT directors.

Does Viusasa use data bundles?

You can only use the Viusasa data bundle to watch Viusasa videos. … No, the customer will be required to purchase a regular data bundle on *544# to continue watching their favourite Viusasa videos.

How do I recharge my NetOne?

To recharge, scratch off the panel to reveal the secret voucher PIN; Enter *133*Voucher PIN#, dial; then wait for balance notification message to follow shortly. Alternatively: SMS voucher PIN to 133. You will shortly receive confirmation of the credit available on your Easycall account.

Which network sells cheap data bundles?

Data-only network Rain has the cheapest 1GB data bundle in South Africa, while MTN and Vodacom are still the most expensive.