How Do I Use My Happay Card Online?

How do I add money to my Happay card?

HOW TO LOAD YOUR PAYTM WALLET WITH HAPPAY CARDSChoose ‘credit card’ as the mode of payment.Enter the details of your Happay card.Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number and make the payment..

How can I get HDFC food card?

HDFC Bank FoodPlus Card – a smart and secure way of giving meal vouchers to your employees! It is a prepaid Visa Card which can be loaded with monthly meal allowances….HDFC Bank – Food Plus Card.Type of MerchantMCC CodeRestaurants TCS Cafeteria5812Fast Food Restaurants5814Confectionary Stores5441Dairy Product Stores54513 more rows

Can you use food card Amazon?

Currently, customers with a valid SNAP EBT card in all states except Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maine and Montana can use their SNAP funds on Amazon.

How do I activate my Happay card?

How can my employees activate their cards? Your employees need to follow the steps given below to activate their account: Open the email sent by happay and click on ‘confirm email’ button. Enter mobile number and then enter the OTP received on that number.

Can food card be used online?

The FoodPlus card is accepted at all Visa / RuPay ‘Food & Beverage’ outlets , across India and can be used online for ecom transaction (restricted to Food & Beverage MCC’s).

How do I submit expenses to Happay?

To add a cash expense, click on ‘Expenses’ on the top navigation bar of your dashboard. Click on ‘Add Expense’ and add a merchant, categorise an expense, attach a receipt and add any necessary comments.

Where HDFC Food Plus card is accepted?

Any supermarket like Reliance Mart, D-mart and Star Bazaar which accept visa the food plus card can be used for any of the stuff being sold out their. It can also be used at all the restaurants which cover visa. The cad can be used at some clubs also. The card as mentioned can be used at KFC, Subway, and Pizza hut.

Which food card is best?

Top Dining Credit Cards in IndiaAxis Bank My Zone credit card is one of the best low cost credit cards. … HDFC Diners Club Privilege credit card is best suited for those who travel a lot and love dining at new places. … ICICI Bank Rubyx credit card offers dining discounts under Culinary Treats Program.More items…•

Where can I use Happay food card online?

More videos on YouTubeMulti-wallet functionality: Funds for different employee benefits can be loaded on one card via different digital wallets.Unbeatable accessibility and visibility: Our cards can be used everywhere – online as well as offline – and at all stores that accept card payments.More items…•

What is HDFC Happay card?

Happay prepaid cards are a smarter alternative to cash advances and other corporate debit or credit cards. Happay cards are linked to Happay’s cloud-based expense management software and, thus, can be controlled from any mobile or web device.