How Do I Redeem Shell Points From Receipt?

How do I check my Ralphs reward points?

Download the Ralphs Mobile App to your smartphone at to register and start tracking your fuel points.

You can also load digital coupons directly to your Ralphs rewards Card and find fuel centers anywhere you go, anytime.

For more details, visit your local Ralphs store or visit

How much is clicks points worth?

1 point is earned for every R5 spent. 10 points = 1 rand. Remember, points need to be converted into cashback rewards before they can be redeemed. When you’ve earned 100 points or more by the qualification date (every 2 months), then those points are converted into cashback.

Do you have to pay for Shell Fuel Rewards?

You may be surprised to learn that you don’t have to use a Shell credit card to pay for gas to earn your discount, nor do you have to use any of the credit cards that you have linked to your account….Best cards to use for Shell gas.Gas RewardsAnnual feeShell|Fuel Rewards Mastercard10 cents off per gallon$08 more rows•Jun 7, 2018

How do I transfer my shell points to another card?

Shell Escape points can only be transferred between accounts with the same registered cardmember’s name. You may reach out to Shell Escape Centre via email at or call us at +65 6235 3261.

Do Shell points expire?

Shell Escape points carry a validity period of two (2) years from the date the points are credited into the account.

Is the Shell Fuel Rewards Card worth it?

If Shell is the only gas station you use and you drive a lot, then yes, the Fuel Rewards credit cards could be worth it. Remember, the benefits earned can only be utilized at Shell so redemptions are limited.

What reward do you get after 10 visits to Shell?

Rewards: You’ll get a fuel reward for every 10 visits. Activate: Once you activate it, you will get money off fuel on your next purchase.

How do I redeem my Fuel points?

How to Redeem Fuel Rewards savingsFind a participating Shell or other select fuel station.When prompted at the pump, select “Rewards” then “Fuel Rewards” or “FRN”Key-in your Alt ID before you pay. … Insert your credit or debit card to finish the transaction.

How do I increase my shell fuel rewards?

Ways to Earn Fuel Rewards® SavingsDining. Earn 10¢/gal for every $50 you spend at participating restaurants with a linked credit card. … In-Store Rewards. Earn rewards on select items at participating Shell stores. … Online Shopping. … Event Tickets. … Featured Offers. … Rental Cars.

How do I join Shell Fuel Rewards?

Join the Fuel Rewards program. Visit a participating Shell station. Enter your Alt ID, swipe your Fuel Rewards card, or swipe a credit card opted in to Link & Save™ to identify yourself as a Fuel Rewards member. You’ll save 5¢/gal with Gold Status in addition to any other rewards in your Fuel Rewards account.

How does the Shell fuel rewards work?

As a Fuel Rewards member, you’ll save 5¢/gal on every fill-up with Gold Status or 3¢/gal with Silver Status. You can lower your price even more with Fuel Rewards savings earned from everyday purchases. Redeem your combined rewards at participating Shell stations.

What are shell go rewards?

Get rewards with Shell Go+ Shell Go+ is a rewards app that Fuel Card Services customers can use every time they visit a Shell service station. It is on the Shell app, so you can now collect rewards easily on your phone.

How do I claim Shell points with receipt?

Retain your receipt and email to Shell Escape Centre at with the transaction details. Shell reserves the right at its sole discretion to determine the points should be applied to your account.

How do I redeem my shell points?

Please visit our website where you can see your account details and activate your rewards. Note that you will need your Shell Go+ card or key fob to be presented at the site in order to redeem the reward. Navigate to the reward you would like to use in your next visit.

How do I change my Shell card PIN?

A PIN can be re-set via Shell Card Online, alternatively the authorised Fleet Manager can notify our Customer Service Team on 13 16 18 to get the PIN reset.

What is Shell Go+?

Shell Go+ is our new rewards programme that makes every visit better. It’s on the Shell app, so you can now collect rewards easily on your phone. From money off every visit to surprise freebies, you’ll soon find that good things happen when you Go+ it. 10% off delicious food ranges.

How do I check my shell V points?

Simply check your points balance by logging with your Shell Escape card number or registered email address via or Shell Motorist app.

How do I get shell discount?

As soon as you enroll in the Fuel Rewards® program, your discount is available on your purchase of Shell gasoline. You can apply the discount to your purchase whether you pay at the pump or in the store. At-the-Pump Purchase: Before providing payment, simply swipe your Fuel Rewards® card at the pump.